Cuándo vence la prórroga del ITV de Córdoba

El lunes 30 de junio vence la prórroga de la Municipalidad de Córdoba para quienes no hayan tramitado nunca el ITV o quienes tengan la oblea vencida. Esta es la segunda extensión que dio el Municipio capitalino para que los automovilistas puedan cumplir con la Ordenanza que exige como requisito para circular haber realizado la Inspeccion Tecnica Vehicular y tenerla al dia.

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  1. Néstor dice:

    Hasta cuando tengo tiempo para el itv 2015

  2. Diego dice:

    To a certain extnet, I agree. Particularly your comments about the BBC being bloated, narcissistic, arrogant etc. I’d argue strongly that it isn’t biased to the extnet that the Fox News Channel is biased; it’s true the BBC defends the status quo, and is completely and utterly uncritical of the Royal Family, but its news programs are second to none on the planet for fairness, coverage and lack of bias. nnYou’re also partially wrong about programming driving advertising revenue. I know, because I buy advertising space. The advertising pot is finite. Resources ARE devoted to the best return, but it depends largely on the product being targeted. Most advertising works on the basis of getting huge coverage throw a lot of mud at the wall and some will stick. That’s why X-Factor commands the largest advertising take. Of the top fifteen audiences ever, the first from 2010 was the X-Factor series finale on the 12th December, next is Eastenders Live on the 19th February. If the BBC were restricted to generating revenue from advertising, it would be driven by the need to produce wall to wall programming of this kind. nnTaking your argument about the Sopranos et al I disagree they are quality drama, but that’s a personal perspective they are entertainingly disposable in my view but their audience take in the UK is miniscule. The British don’t like them and that’s the key to all this the British perspective. Moreover, we’re talking about an entertainment industry in America that has budgets orders of magnitude greater than in the UK, because they have an audience four times larger with greater disposable incomes and they pay through the nose for their TV. Anyway, presenting a handful of the best American dramas as evidence of cultural richness is trite nonsense. If you had any experience of the reality of American TV, you would see that it is unending drivel. Nine of the top twenty America TV programs of all time are Superbowl games, with a further nine in the top forty. That’s nearly half the top forty programs in America taken up by a game no-one watches here. That’s the reality of American TV. Their top rated series are:nn1) Mashn2) Cheersn3) Seinfeldn4) Friendsn5) Magnum PIn6) The Tonight Shown7) The Cosby Shown8) All in the familyn9) Family Tiesn10) Home improvementnnWhere does the Sopranos come? Sixty-fifth. Three places below Falcon Crest. If we’re talking about televisual dreck, the Americans are the best bar none. It’s the rubbish that generates revenue and if that’s what you want, then fine, make the BBC sell its soul to the advertisers, but there’s only so much to go around and ITV / Sky will suffer as well. We will end up with X-Factor, Britain’s got talent, Eastenders and Corrie dominating the airwaves minority channels and programs will disappear. Remember we’re talking about a smaller cake being carved up in smaller chunks it will be a charnel house. nnHere’s what you get for your licence fee:nnThe best nature programs on the planetnThe best news programming on the planetnThe best news and entertainment website on the planetnQuality drama that sells world wideniPlayernnIt’s fantastic value for money. Your entire argument is for reform of the BBC, not abolition of the licence.

  3. I’m not quite sure how to say this; you made it extremely easy for me!

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